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( Affiliated to Gauhati University )

Accredited “B+” Grade in the 1st Cycle of NAAC Assessment

Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)

The Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) of Kalabari College was constituted on 28/08/2015. Since its formation it has been involving in maintaining quality in different areas for the overall development of the institution.

The IQAC has its own plans and strategies for maintaining quality and executes them accordingly. Some of those strategies include computerization of the academic as well administrative activities, awareness programmes on various issues of social relevance, more extension activities and outreach programmes, use of ICT in classroom teaching, monthly Appraisal Meetings of IQAC etc.

The IQAC has adopted several mechanisms to review the effectiveness of the teaching-learning process. Adequate classrooms, quality instruments and equipment in the laboratories, use of ICT in classroom teaching, adequate books in the library, adequate number of computers in the lab, internet facility are some of the infrastructural facilities provided by the institution for assuring quality in the teaching-learning process. Different committees of the college carry out different activities time to time and the IQAC reviews the activities carried out in its monthly Appraisal Meetings.

The college has been continuing to move towards excellence in the 1st cycle of accreditation by adopting some quality initiatives by the IQAC and implementing them successfully as well. Some of the quality initiatives both in the academic as well as in the administrative domain are mentioned here.


Academic domain :

  • Organizing Induction Programme for new comers
  • Provision of classroom with ICT facility.
  • Necessary instruments and equipments in the laboratories
  • Adequate number of books in the library
  • A computer lab with internet facility
  • Conduct of class tests, unit tests etc. regularly
  • Compulsory tutorial classes and special classes for the slow learners
  • Maintenance of teachers’ diary which are checked by the Principal periodically
  • Organizing various departmental seminars and workshops at college.


 Administrative domain :

  • Decentralization of power by appointing teachers, members from the non-teaching staff, parents, members from the local society etc. in various decision-making bodies
  • Timely conduct of audit of various accounts of the institution
  • Smooth conduct of all the examinations and timely declaration of the results of the internal examinations
  • Conduct of Appraisal Meetings of IQAC regularly
  • Conduct of Parents/ Guardians meetings time to time
  • Feedback from students, alumni and guardians are taken, analysed and suggestions are implemented if felt necessary

Co-ordinator :  Mr. Biman Hazarika

Designation :   Assistant Professor

Department :   Economics

Contact No. :   7002089330

E-Mail :           [email protected]


Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) Core Committee

Kalabari College, Kalabari, Biswanath

  1.    Chairman    :           Principal
  2.    Coordinator    :           Mr. Biman Hazarika
  3.    Asstt. Coordinator :    Dr. Partha Pratim Saikia
  4.    Member    :           Mr. Sanjib Kakoti    (Criteria-1)
  5.    Member    :           Dr. Utpal Saikia    (Criteria-2)
  6.    Member    :           Mr. Dimbeswar Bordoloi    (Criteria-3)
  7.    Member    :           Mr. Kalpajit Saikia (Librarian)    (Criteria-4)
  8.    Member    :           Mr. Dhiren Neog    (Criteria-5)
  9.    Member    :           Mr. Prasanta Das    (Criteria-6)
  10.    Member    :           Mr. Khirod Kr. Neog    (Criteria-7)
  11.    Member    :           Mr. Jatin Bhuyan
  12.    Member    :           Mr. Prasanta Borah
  13.    Member    :           Mr. Robin Gogoi
  14.    Member    :           Dr. Lakhinandan Bora
  15.    Member    :           Mrs. Joya Bora
  16.    Member    :           Mr. Nitul Hazarika, President Gaon Panchayat, Kalabari
  17.    Member    :           Mr. Khagen Goswami, Representative, GB Kalabari College
  18.    Member    :           Mr. Indrajit Saikia, Secretary,  Alumni Association, Kalabari College
  19.    Member    :           Mr. Keshab Borah, Secretary, KCSU, Kalabari College