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Best Practices

Best Practice No. – 01


Title of the Practice :


‘Best Reader Award’ awarded by Sahitya Rathi Lakshminath Bezbaroa (SRLB) Central Library, Kalabari College


Objective of the Practice :

To encourage, inspire, motivate and attract the students of the college to develop reading habit and avail the facilities of the library to the best of it.

The Context :

This ‘Best Reader Award’ is awarded to a student of every academic session who use the library for reading books, newspapers, magazines, journals, making notes etc. in the library and borrow books to read at home.  

The Practice :

The SRLB Central Library provides the stake holders a suitable environment to enhance knowledge by reading newspapers, books, journals magazines, searching internet etc. The library committee resolved to offer an award to the best reader from the academic session 2017-2018 so that with this initiative the students can be attracted to the library to create a habit of use of it.

The ‘Best Reader Award’ awarded to –

In 2018 :           Sri Dibyajyoti Sharma, Semester-I (First Year) bearing Library Card No.-31

In 2019 :           Sri Sanju Hazarika, Semester-V (Third Year) bearing Library Card No.-02

In 2020 :           Could not be continued due to Covid-19 pandemic

In 2021 :           Miss Karishma Baruah, Semester-III (Second Year) bearing Library Card No.-09

Thus, this practice has been continued by the SRLB Central Library, Kalabari College, Kalabari.

Evidence of Success :

Since this practice was started it is observed that the student using library is gradually increasing. It is also noticed that most of the students use to pass their spare time at the SRLB Central Library by reading books during the college period when there is no class for them which is a very good sign for the institution.

Problems Encountered and Resources Required :

Despite the best efforts, the SRLB Central Library is not able to provide the students all the required facilities due to insufficient infrastructure. Even the reading room is not big enough to accommodate a large number of students at a time. The library is not fully digitalized till date.

So far as the requirement of resources is concerned the SRLB Central Library, Kalabari College do need well-equipped library infrastructure so that the students could get use of it up to their satisfaction. There is no separate reading room for teachers and students. Even upgradation of the library to a digital one is most important. Apart from these the number of books in the library is not a considerable one which has to be increased.

Notes (Optional) :

A digital library with reading room and class room is under construction.

Best Practice No. – 02


Title of the Practice :


Felicitation Programmes


Objective :

To encourage, inspire and motivate the students, teachers and the people of this locality.

The Context :

This kind of programme is organised to felicitate to those who achieve success and recognition in their area of interest such as education, culture, literature, games and sports etc.

The Practice :

Kalabari College, Kalabari has been organising felicitation programmes at different times and places since the establishment of the college. A few of the felicitation programmes are like the following:

  • The Principal of the college was felicitated in the college auditorium for being awarded the PhD degree by Gauhati University.
  • On 26th May, 2015, Dr. Utpal Saikia, Assistant Professor was also felicitated for the same.
  • Mr. Jnan Pujari, a resident of Dakshin Kalabari, was felicitated on 1st March, 2017 for being received the award of Sahitya Akademi for his poetic collection ‘Meghmollar Bhramon’.
  • Miss Bismita Gogoi, a student of Kalabari College was felicitated for winning the Gold medal in the National Cycling Championship held in Ludhiana in 2015.
  • In 2018, Mr. Brenjit Hazarika, an HSLC examinee was felicitated on 10th May, 2018 for securing the 4th position in 2018.
  • Miss Sristy Priyam Nath, an HSLC examinee was felicitated on 25th May. 2018 for securing the 10th position in 2018.
  • Miss Meghashree Borah, an HSLC examinee was felicitated for securing 1st position in 2019.
  • Mr. Brenjit Hazarika, an HSSLC examinee was felicitated for securing the 6th position in 2020.
  • Mr. Hriday Hazarika was felicitated on 26th September, 2018 for winning the Gold medal in National Level Shooting Championship.
  • Mr. Muruli Mohan Saikia, a student of Kalabari College was also felicitated on 24th January, 2022 for winning Gold Medal in the 4th National Karate Championship held in Uttar Pradesh in 2022.

Evidence of Success :

Two faculty members Dr. Partha Pratim Saikia and Dr. Lakhinandan Bora were also awarded PhD degree in 2019 and 2020 respectively. A few of the faculty members appeared in the entrance examination for pursuing research for PhD degree and a few are getting prepared for the same. This locality is having two prolific litterateurs who achieved “Sahitya Akademy Award” and “Ganesh Gogoi Bota”. Moreover, Mr. Brenjit Hazarika, who secured 4th position in the HSLC examination in 2018, secured 6th position in HSSLC Examination in 2020 as well. Even, it is observed that the participation of the students in different events organised in the college or in the locality is increasing day by day and many of them could perform well. A few of the students from our college have been selected for recruitment in Assam Police and in different government and non-government organisation.

Problems Encountered and Resources Required :

Kalabari College is located in such a region which is far away from the district headquarter. The students and the people of this locality do not have the common minimum facilities as this area is entirely a rural area. Even the Sub Divisional Headquarter is far away from this locality. Most of the students are full of hidden talents but they cannot show their talents in the big stages because of lack of facilities for practice. Even then, a few of them come out with flying colours.